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Pigmentation Treatments

Pigmentation is one of the hardest conditions to deal with when it comes to skin problems.

Getting rid of pigmentation is a lengthy process, that includes you having to take care of your skin from home, maintain care for it with active ingredients, and incorporate SPF into your life!

but is it 100% possible if you trust & follow our protocols 

But no worries, at Es Skin we promise to guide you alongside on the journey of taking care of your pigmentation, and even preventing it.

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How does it work?

When coming into the clinic, the first step is to examine your skin. We will determine what kind of pigmentation you have, what kind of lifestyle & the amount of sun exposure you're usually exposed to, get an overall diagnosis of your skin condition, and the possible reasoning for your pigmentation.  We will then go over what treatments / products will benefit and works best for you.

We will assign you a skincare protocol with active products, our products hold ingredients to personally combat the secretion of pigmentation, and products to control the melanin production to prevent future pigmentation from coming back. And the best part about it is that it's just a 5-minute protocol from home, along with visits to the clinic for progress or more pigmentation treatments.

You do not have to get pigmentation facials, although it will definitely help to speed the process up, if you're dedicated to using our products correctly, you will see improvement, just over time. As pigmentation is very difficult to deal with and remove. 


You can undergo skin lightening treatments, both with less powerful devices, combined with some treatments & active products for home maintenance is a MUST!

*  Do not expect outstanding results if you do not maintain your skincare from home, follow protocol, & remain patient *

The preparations contain various concentrations of substances, both herbal & natural, and acids known for their brightening properties.

The process of treating hormonal pigmentation is lengthy but safe & clinically proven.

When to treat?

There is no doubt that winter is the best time for pigmentation treatments, as during and after the treatment it is recommended not to be exposed to the sun, as the sun is a lot of people's cause for pigmentation.

The recommendation ranges from complete avoidance of exposure, SPF usage, etc- this varies between every person and their own skin condition and depending on the degree of treatment.

*  Results: 2-6 months (varies by age, type of pigmentation, background illness, lifestyle, and more..)

*  Serval treatment: 3-6 treatment varies

*  Work time: 60 minutes

*  Pain level: Little to no pain, Mostly moderate burning sensation (Depending on pigmentation treatment type).

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Teach your skin to behave differently


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