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'Before I thought about introducing this treatment to our clinic, I was thinking mainly about the areas that are difficult to respond to with patients without surgery, like upper eyelids, saggy skin in certain areas, or skin tags & moles, and etc'.

Lifting and tightening your skin, whether on the body or face, is possible without surgery! 

Fibroblast is safe and FDA approved.

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How does it work?

  • In fibroblast therapy, it is a controlled burning of the epidermis ( top layer of the skin) using plasma energy.

  • After the eyelids treatment, in most cases, the patient's area will have swelling so it is recommended to take 1-2 days off. The scabs that form, fall off within 5-7 days. Up to 3-4 weeks later, the skin undergoes a regeneration process. The treated area will be sensitive, so it should be protected from the sun, with SPF50, several time a day. A final result is obtained after 6-8 weeks.

Results -  after the treatment you will notice an increase in the tightness & lift of the treated area, 6-8 weeks after all treatment it would be considered completely healed.

Anesthesia-  topical numbing cream

Several treatments -  2-4  vary according to the condition of the skin.

Work time - one hour

Pain level - low to medium

Recovery - 3- 7 days

Lasts - 2-3 years ( & longer with maintenance  and skin care )

When is it not recommended to perform the treatment?


When there is inflammation in the body,

cancer, diseases such as active herpes, systemic lupus, erythematous, immunosuppressive diseases, including AIDS and HIV carries, unbalanced diabetes, heart disease (angina pectoris, pacemaker, and anticoagulants ) tendency to keloid scars. And if in the last 6 months, surgeries have been performed, as well as whether Accutane or Retin A has been used within the 3 months, we refuse to operate. 

Popular Treatments 

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